Park uspomena
Dall’Asta-Mohovich Tomb
Cultural heritage site status (first category).

Author of this work Ivan Rendić 1899-1900.

Dall’Asta-Mohovich tomb is made of limestone. A double staircase leads to a podium with the sculpture inside an enclosed square. The object is surrounded by cast iron fence on elegant pillars.

A realistic marble sculpture (of a sitting Madonna in long dress and maphorion) is on a stone base. With her left hand she is leaning on a throne, and with her right she is gently raising a naked child, ready to put it to the ground. There are inscriptions decorated with vegetative motifs on the bases beside Madonna.

Richly decorated throne is embellished with floral motifs. On the top of the corners of the back are two fruit baskets. The central perpendicular zone of the back is adorned with a mosaic of gold, red, green, blue and white. A rose on a gold background is the central part of the mosaic.

The tomb with iron doors is located below the podium. The doors have the motif of the cross and "A" and "Ω". Around the tomb, there are chiseled stones, surrounded by planted boxwood.