Park uspomena
Kopaitić Battagliarini Tomb
Mausoleum with cultural heritage site status (first category).

Author Ivan Rendić, 1894.

This mausoleum is situated on an elevated pyramidal base, above the crypt. It has a square shaped plan and a prominent front with columns laid on tall bases.

Capitals are embellished with curly incisions filled with lead. The protruding architrave is surrounded by spiral “twine” and its ends form clover leaves. The mausoleum itself is mounted by the entrance portal and another triangular architrave with smaller side columns.

A vibrant mosaic of circles with crosses with arms of equal length can be seen on its surface. David`s star in a double circle can be found on the side. The interior has been damaged and ruined. The vaulting and dome are made of stone so the traces of painting are noticeable. Distinctive but short metal doors have been damaged and the crypt has been wrecked too.

A plan for reconstruction of the mausoleum has been developed in cooperation with the City of Rijeka.