Park uspomena
Bartolich-Gelletich Nicolaides Tomb
Chapel with cultural heritage site status (first category).

Author of the chapel Filibert Bazarig.
Author of the sculptures Ivan Rendić, 1884-86.

This square-shaped chapel was built on a square-planned terrace and is framed with a short stone balustrade. A pair of steps leads to the entrance podium. Tall, embellished iron entrance doors and short railings around the tombstone were made by artisan Matteo Dujmić.

The front is emphasized by an arched portal framed with tall, round pillars and moulded capitals. Above the arch's ridge there is a stylized coat of arms and a sculpture of a woman with a book inside a shell-like niche on the cornice. Moreover, the front is embellished with two shallow niches that have a circle, a cross and a floral garland inside. The side fronts' walls have ridges and cornices.

The interior is simple in design, with a little window opposite the entrance, a simple altar and a kneeler. There are four burial places on both sides that have tombstones embellished with sculptured plates and geometrical lines, pots and tresses that substitute the columns.