Park uspomena
Scarpa Tomb
Mausoleum with cultural heritage site status (first category).

Author of the tomb unknown.
Author of the sculpture Nicolo Pasquanini, 1861.

This Neo-Gothic mausoleum is rectangular in shape. Its surmounted base, front and cornice are made of white limestone, while the other parts are made of mortar and blocks.

In the central, protruding, elevated part of the entrance there is a Tudor-style portal. It is framed with two tall, erected, polygonal columns ending with finials. Commemorative slab above the portal is decorated with marble angels' heads with wings.

If we look left and right of the portal there are large encrusted crosses made of grey sandstone. Beneath the cornices there is a band of relief with encrusted crosses and black marble trimmings. Above the cornice there are cast iron crosses, painted in black as well as a finishing grille placed right there where the portal is bathed with light.

If we look inside, right beneath the Tudor-style window we can see marble busts. One is Pietro Sartori and the other is Pietro Scarpa, made by Nicolo Pasquanini. There is also a stele between them and a sarcophagus liner. Between the side niches there are two tombstones with inscriptions, embellished with landscapes and a palm tree.