Park uspomena
Vio-Bakarčić Tomb
Mausoleum with cultural heritage site status (first category).

Author Giuseppe Dorigo, 1889.
Author of the sculpture Donato Bracaglia, Milan.

This Neo-Gothic mausoleum has a crypt and a staircase as well as an upper part built on a podium. In order to get to it, one can use two sets of stairs.

The mausoleum is surmounted with three a leveled composition and massive stone staircase. The central and most prominent part is definitely the baldachin with black marble columns and bronze capitals. Beneath it lies an altar and a sculpture of a girl with a jug of oil for the lantern in actual size as well as a large bronze cross.

Baldachin was made from pink marble, decorated with angle columns and beaded cornices ending in richly decorated architrave. The mausoleum also has short, metal railings supported by metal beams.