Park uspomena
Ploech Tomb
Chapel with cultural heritage site status (first category).

Author of the chapel Filibert Bazarig.
Author of the sculpture “Asleep” Ivan Rendić, 1887.

Large in shape and size, this monumental Neo-Renaissance chapel is situated on the wide, diagonally covered terrace and divided with a short, moulded, metal railing, made by artisan Mateo Dujmić.

The chapel's metal entrance doors were made by the same author. The main front is sectioned with vertically fluted stone blocks and a monumentally arched portal with semi-columns. There is another wall with a rectangular entrance inside the arched portal. This entrance with Neo-Renaissance architrave holds the owner`s inscription.

Large columns with tall bases and floral capitals support the architrave embellished with metopes. Other sides of the chapel have vertical lines and massive cornices. Inside the chapel there are eight burial niches with the blind arcades cornice and a stone statue "Asleep" made by the sculptor Ivan Rendić. The sculpture shows an angel with a finger on his mouth and a baby asleep in his arms.