Park uspomena
Rupnick Tomb
Cultural heritage site status (first category).

Author of this work Domenico Rizzo.

This Art Nouveau tomb with a tomb cover is made of white limestone-Kirmenjak. It is set on a wide base with slanting edges.

A marble bust of a moustached middle-aged man in a fine suit is set on an elevated base with subtle decorations. Two slates serving as a background surround both sides of the base. The left slate with a tree becomes a treetop on the right one.

Under the tree there is an urn with eternal flame for Emilio Rupnick (1852-1910), who was a merchant and a flour commissioner, representative of Dreher Brewery from Budapest and Köbanye, and a representative of steam-powered flour-mill by L. Franz and sons from Velika Kaniža in Hungary. He was a member of the merchant stock exchange and masonic lodge Sirious as well as one of the founders of association Libero Pensiero.