Park uspomena
Riboli Tomb
Cultural heritage site status (first category).

Author unknown.

The tomb and aedicula were made of a limestone, while a life-size sculpture is marble.

Rectangular podium with aedicule can be reached through two sets of stairs. Iron fence that goes around it is embellished with pewter palm trees on top, small doors and lined stone pilasters with chiseled decorating crosses in the upper part. Aedicule is surrounded by semi-columns on tall bases, surmounted with pointed arches and trefoils.

Pilasters form triangular tympanum which has Peter`s monograph in the keystone. One can notice massive acroteria with lily motifs made of inlaid black marble above the corner pilasters. The arches and goblets are decorated with lines and triangular shapes. A marble sculpture of a barefoot woman in a long gown stands on a base under the turquoise vault of the dome. She is holding the cross on her chest, under the veil, with her right hand, while the other hand is holding a rose.

The arched background behind the sculpture is covered with white marble with the family name. Beneath the stairs there is an entrance to the tomb. The smaller pillars carry a massive beam over the entrance. The beam is sloping and sharp in the lower part. Barely legible family inscription lies on the beams flanked by rosettes of wreaths. The door is made of sheet and wrought iron.