Park uspomena
Gorup Tomb
Mausoleum with cultural heritage site status (first category), enlisted in the Registry of cultural properties of the Republic of Croatia.

Author Ivan Rendić, 1883.

This distinguishing building had two architectural units: a crypt with twenty-one burial places and a chapel on an erected podium to which one comes through two sets of stairs.

This monument is artistically unique due to its axes between the crypt, the chapel and dome. Stone surfaces have been simply incised, with vertical lines made out of black stone. Simple decoration on the front with only relief in capitals, relief of the four Evangelists, cornices, wattle work and the text are the complete opposite to the embellished interior.

The walls inside are filled with mosaics (mostly golden in color) and incrustations. The stone altar in the middle shows the Assumption of the Deceased to the heaven with members of her family. The realistic portrait of the deceased woman and family members together with the background showing the sunset over Kvarner Bay and Trsat with the church of Mary Mother of God is considered a turning point in Ivan Rendić's career.