Park uspomena
Whitehead Tomb
Mausoleum with cultural heritage site status (first category), enlisted in the Registry of cultural properties of the Republic of Croatia.

Author of the chapel Giacomo Zammattio, 1905.
Author of the sculptures Giovanni Mayer, Trieste.

This is the grandest mausoleum in the entire cemetery. The mausoleum stands out as an excellent example of Art Nouveau architectural characteristics. Besides, it has been situated on the highest point of steep terrain and has a stone staircase which leads to the crypt and the chapel.

The mausoleum crypt is partly underground and its front is paneled with a large, massive stone arch. Under the arch there is a wall surface with a trapezoidal entrance portal that has relief embellished beams. The only decorations are the two crosses with arms of equal length in the niches beside the portal. One reaches the terrace where the chapel is situated through side and central staircase. It is rectangular in shape, with smooth stone fronts that hold side trefoils adorned with semi-columns, relief of a cross and letters.

The rectangular entrance to the chapel is indented and framed with rich, floral reliefs around coats of arms. On the top of the mausoleum there is a lantern with fluted corner columns, massive garlands and a cross on the top. There are two stone coffins with lying statues of deceased Robert Whitehead and his wife Francis in the chapel. Inside the crypt there are empty burial places for members of the Whitehead family, making this place a cenotaph.