Park uspomena
A memorial ossuary for the remains of the deceased of Islamic religion
The common memorial ossuary was built in 2018 for the remains of the deceased of the Islamic religion who were buried in the general field of C.G.G. Drenova.

The above-ground part has the form of a square octagonal prism. The underground part is a chamber for remains of about 10 m³. In the memorial ossuary there are "male" and the "female" Muslim gravestones.

Segments of the circle bordering the ossuary are covered with scattered river pebbles. The surrounding area is arranged as a lawn without high vegetation, ornamental greenery and flowers.

There are nine irregularly arranged stones that symbolize the destiny of people whose remains will be permanently saved in the ossuary.

Investors and authors

Investor: Islamic Community in Croatia, Zagreb

Project: Forum d.o.o. Zagreb

Main designer: Mesud Bužimkić, dipl.ing.arh.