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Central facility
The funeral ceremony? Goodbye or hello?

"This is the moment when a human being disintegrates. Our worthless body comes to earth, our soul, we believe in heaven but what about human being? The human being continues to exist in people, in love, in friendship, and in all who, with their presence, have created a glorious ceremony. The funeral is a moment of verification because all of our values are measurable with the quantity and quality of our relationships. We are worth us much as we exist in others."   (architect Dinko Kovačić)

About the central facility

The central facility is located on the southern edge of the cemetery, at an area of 17.000 m², out of which the open spaces of squares, parking lots and green surfaces make 13.800 m².

The two-storey facility of 3.200 m² is functionally divided into ceremonial spaces with large and small farewell halls and separate rooms for families, spaces for preparation of the deceased, spaces for selecting and ordering funeral equipment and arranging the burial, spaces with grave records, showroom and the area of funeral economy and administrative staff.

Construction of the building

Construction works took place between 2005 and 2007. The whole object is made of white stone, blue glass, painted concrete and olive wood. The facade consistency is achieved by the artistic and technical combination of these materials.

Artistic influence

Beautiful sculptures - the composition of white doves (of the sculptor Vasko Lipovac), which in a particularly subtle way fill the space, greatly contribute to the overall impression. The blue glass roof, niches and turquoise lamps give the farewell halls a beautiful luxury look.

Position and geography

On one side, the central facility faces towards the fascinating view of the open sea, and on the other side towards the green environment and horticulture of the cemetery. You can reach the central facility using the central pedestrian avenue.

Investors and authors

Investors: City of Rijeka and KD KOZALA d.o.o. Rijeka

Designer: Architectural Office (Arhitektonski biro)

Dinko Kovačić d.o.o. Split with associates