Park uspomena
The central cross and the ossuary
The Christian cross is the symbol of suffering and at the same time the symbol of life.


The central cross and the ossuary were built during 1998. The cross is located in the central part of the cemetery on a circular platform, under which there is the ossuary. You can reach the central cross by taking a spiral path bordered with a low wall made of stones.


The central cross is made of concrete elements from white aggregate and white cement. In the central part of both the pillar and the transverse cross there are glass turquoise plates with a bubble structure. Around the central cross there is a space to light candles, and in front of it there is a concrete table measuring 90 x 90 cm and height 102 cm.

The common ossuary is reinforced with a concrete structure and is almost 5,50 m deep. It is intended for laying the bone of deceased exhumed in the area of C.G.G. Drenova.

Investors and authors

Investors: City of Rijeka and KD Kozala d.o.o. Rijeka

Design Engineer: Emili d.o.o. Rijeka