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Civil War Veterans' Alley
Civil War Veterans' Alley lies at the entrance of C.G.G. Drenova, on the right side of the greenery. You can get there by taking a corridor surrounded by evergreen hedge.


In the Civil War Veterans' Alley there are 180 graves that are unified, made of the Kanfanar stone with the same decoration: the image, the inscription, the vase, the feral and the cross. Every single grave site is intended for burial of the Civil War Veterans and the first burial was done on 18.12.1991.

The central cross

At the end of the Alley there is the central cross - a massive rock of Kanfanar with the relief symbol of the cross on it. It looks like the weight of the cross is so big that it sank into the rock mass. It is designed to partially emerge from the stone from a certain angle. In the viewer`s eyes, there is a feeling of ascension - the rise of the cross that symbolizes the pride and victory of life.

The memorial

On the right side of the cross there is a massive round plate. This is a memorial to the six volunteers of the Civil War, which has the inscription:

"Blessed are the peacemakers in their the heavenly kingdom. As volunteers of the Croatian army, they died in Bilaj on 14.12.1991. May be loose the Croatian soil. In memory of 118th Brigade of Croatian army Gospić ".

Investor and authors

Investor: KD Kozala d.o.o. Rijeka

Conceptual solution: Zlatko Kutnjak, ak.slik.

Co-author: Damir Emili, ing., Emili d.o.o. Rijeka