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Cultural days for schools

Learning history and geography in the open with the help of information technology.

KD Kozala Rijeka has been a member of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE) since 2004 and an active member of the project European Cemeteries Route. The ASCE organization is the largest and most important organization of this kind that preserves and represents cemeteries as an important part of the cultural heritage of Europe. Of the eight cemeteries in Rijeka managed by KD Kozala, the Cemetery Kozala and Cemetery Trsat are recognized as significant cemeteries in Europe.

Cemeteries: history and art in stories

Cemeteries offer endless stories that touch everyone. When we listen to the selected life stories of people related to monuments, statues, symbols, records,... we become much more sensitive to learning and understanding history.

Cultural day at the cemeteries of Rijeka enables us to get to know many celebrities and events related to local, regional, national or European history. Cemeteries contain important records both from a distant past and from important contemporaries, who have left their mark even in this century.

Monuments are described by historical facts and explanations of symbols or other details, which explain the artistic and cultural value of what students see.

Cemeteries: geography on a manageable large space

Cemeteries are large geographic areas with many orientation points. That is why we need to understand and know how to read maps if we want to find a specific monument.

At the same time, cemeteries are small, safe and peaceful place where we can take time to orientate. Through the details we learn about dimensions and metrics, based on geographic directions.

Cemeteries: different use of information technologies

Historical facts, geographic locations and many interesting points at cemeteries of Kozala, Trsat and Drenova can be found in the ARtour mobile platform and app. In addition to discovering locations and reading facts, the platform offers a lot more:

  • creating your own new points and routes,
  • creating and listening to audio content,
  • watching and adding video content,
  • creating group projects.

During the cultural day, students will learn the basic use of the ARtour app and how to create their own routes.

For gifted students, activities can continue at school where they can link their findings to new projects, add audio or video content. The most interesting routes will be presented as part of the ASCE activities and published as part of the offer for cemetery visitors.