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Cultural Day for Schools at Kozala Cemetery

On 10 May, 2019, KD Kozala organized a cultural day at Kozala Cemetery in Rijeka for students of the Gymnasium of Andrija Mohorovičić.


The event started in the chapel at the main entrance, where students listened to a short presentation of Mr. Dušan Vrban, Manager of European Cemeteries Route (CEMR). Through videos and photos, students learned about the historical, artistic, cultural and architectural significance of cemeteries, including the Kozala Cemetery.

The second part of the day was carried out in form of independent exploring of the cemetery. With the help of mobile application ARtour, students walked through the cemetery and discovered some of the most important monuments and people buried there.

At the end, they returned at the starting point and briefly presented their findings. Their newly gained knowledge was then supplemented by Mrs. Daina Glavočić (M. Sc.), who provided them with additional information on the important persons and monuments at Kozala Cemetery. Students also filled up some printed postcards of European Cemeteries Route that they have received.

Student responses

All in all, it was a very successful event. Students actively participated in all activities and showed great interest in the topics presented to them. They were enthusiastic about this special and different form of cultural day and their responses afterwards were extremely positive.