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European Cemeteries Tour 2020

Stories from Croatia...

Cemeteries are increasingly opening up as new spaces for tourist visits and cultural manifestations. In this context it is very important to emphasize them as part of cultural tourism. In order to promote it, European Cemeteries Route began with the project European Cemeteries Tour in 2018.

KD Kozala Rijeka, together with its partners from Zagreb and Zadar, is the first organizer of the project European Cemeteries Tour 2020, during which stories from Croatia will be presented.

Project description

The project will be held from 13 to 15 May 2020. We will organize a 3-day tour through important cemeteries of our cities with a rich accompanying cultural program. There will be guided visits of cemeteries, workshops about tourism on cemeteries and participation in the cultural activities of the cities. We would especially like to expose the open-air music event in the area of the Drenova Cemetery in Rijeka.

The project is a combination of foreign hosting and foreign traveling. Each next tour has to be connected to the one before. So the next hosts of European Cemeteries Tour will have to include a part of Croatian culture and cemeteries in its programme.

Tourists, locals and other visitors of Croatia will also be able to take the tour independently. The content will be entirely included in the mobile application and platform ARTOUR. This will ensure that the project is interesting to young people and available later to all interested (families, schools,...) for individual or organized excursions.

Planned program


  • Gathering in Zagreb
  • Guided tour at Mirogoj Cemetery
  • Lunch in Zagreb
  • Departure to Zadar
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Zadar and free time
  • Cultural evening program


  • Guided tour at City Cemetery of Zadar
  • Lunch in Zadar
  • Departure to Rijeka
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Rijeka and free time
  • Cultural evening program


  • Guided tour at one of the Rijeka Cemeteries
  • Workshop on cultural tourism in cemeteries
  • Conclusion of the tour and lunch in Rijeka

Project partners