Park uspomena

Central facility at Drenova Cemetery

Get to know the central facility at Drenova Cemetery through the words of academician Dinko Kovačić.

"Funeral ceremony? A farewell or a greeting? This is the moment when the human will stratify. Our worthless body will go down to earth, the soul will go to heaven, but what about the person? The person lives on in other people, in love, friendship, and in all who contributed to the splendor of the funeral ceremony with their presence. Funeral, this is a moment of verification, because our value is measurable mostly by the quantity and quality of our relationships. We are worth just, and only as much as we exist in other people.

A space for sorrow. Its task is to support the solemnity of the moment, the dignity of the event. The central ceremonial space in the cemetery forms the expected unity of space and people. It transcends rules and needs and functions and forms, so it becomes life. The choir above the entrance to the large chancel, an elegant winding staircase, polished black pillars, glass monolith, and a beautiful olive paneling with turquoise fireflies and a striking construction with a blue glass cover are the mood-building particles that, together with the people, will make luxurious even a so sad and a solemn moment. Another beautiful part worth highlighting is the composition of white doves by the sculptor Vasko Lipovac, which filled the space in a particularly subtle way and greatly contributed to the aforementioned impression."

These are the words of academician Dinko Kovačić, designer of the Central facility at Drenova Cemetery and one of the most respected Croatian architects, winner of several awards.