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Supporting the project


Words of support to KD Kozala for their candidacy to host the AGM 2020.

Vojko Obersnel, Mayor

“The City of Rijeka is successfully assuming its role as a regional center of culture, shaped for centuries by nations throughout Evrope. In the year 2020, the great responsibility of taking over the role of Evropean Capital of Culture is motivating us to do it brilliantly and by connecting experts from all countries.

As the host of AGM of the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Evrope, Rijeka offers unique contents that originate from the Mediterranean and Central Evrope. The rich history of the city located along the Riviera of Opatija, traditions of ancient Istria and the mystical hills of Velebit make it possible to create a special cultural program.

The municipality of Rijeka has been supporting cultural projects in the city for years. The ones planned for 2020 will open a new dimension in different parts of the city. KD Kozala, as an active member of ASCE, every year, with its activities during the Week of Discovering Evropean Cemeteries, successfully builds awareness of the fact, that cemeteries also represent an important part of the city. That is why I am sure that in cooperation with other cultural workers in the city, they will make a special and extraordinary event that will helpful for the city, as well as other members of ASCE.”

Ružica Medurić-Javor, Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka

“Rijeka cemeteries reflect several centuries of culture and heritage of Kvarner. The monuments on the graves are significant works of art, that enable true connection between us and the life of our predecessors.

The Annual General Meeting of ASCE in Rijeka is one of the major parts of the Evropean Capital of Culture programs in 2020. The Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka will therefore invite cultural workers and organizations to plan their programs in that period in reference to this, so that participants will experience Rijeka cemeteries and their Evropean dimensions in an unique way.”