Park uspomena

AGM and European Capital of Culture 2020


AGM 2020 will be thematically linked to two ECOC projects - Green Wave and Kitchen.

AGM and the Green Wave

Cemeteries of Rijeka are the lungs of the city. With their extensive green areas, they represent the biggest parks in Rijeka. That is why we decided to thematically link AGM  and the work program in the course of the year 2020 with the Evropean Capital of Culture project “Green Wave”, the purpose of which is raising awareness about the environment.

The AGM conference will be based on the theme of cemetery landscapes architecture. Landscape architecture is important for Rijeka as well as for other cities in Evrope, because, as consequence of technological and social development, cities and cemeteries change very quickly.

Cultural Heritage of Tomorrow

In this period, KD Kozala will also collaborate in the international project Evropean Cemeteries: Cultural Heritage of Tomorrow. In this project we will focus on the issues of fitting the cemeteries into the landscape and life of the City of Rijeka in a manner that would preserve as much green space as possible.

AGM and the Kitchen

About Kitchen

Kitchen” is another Evropean Capital of Culture project in 2020, the purpose of which is to learn how to ethically and efficiently manage the migration waves flowing into Evropean cities.

The project will take place in the Benčić complex, in the new Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka. It will be a space, where people can come together and exchange stories and experiences regarding migrations from other parts of Evrope. It will be an open workshop for sharing ideas, habits, opinions and for demolish prejudices. 

Diversity in Rijeka

As a port city, Rijeka was witness to a massive wave of emigration during history. At the same time, it was an important immigration destination in the region because of the growing industry. The consequence of this migrations is an unmistakable cultural diversity that can be seen everywhere.

Rijeka cemeteries are under the cultural influence of many different Evropean nations. Monuments reflect the lives of people who have left their mark on this territory. But also the people that still live in the city, the architecture, the culinary... they all tell a story of cultural diversity.

That is why, in KD Kozala, we decided to cooperate with the contractors of the Kitchen project, and make the AGM 2020 a special experience of various flavors that will supplement the conference program. People that will be involved and also the food and the menus will be a reflection and tribute to the diversity in the City of Rijeka.